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Beauty and the beast. UREMBO SI SUPU   Finally, the gangster diva has been laid to rest. Clea Adi Vybz popularly known her official name, Claire Njoki Kibia. A beautyRead More >

All hail the queen: Nothing but pity for this one!

She turned to the one she loved most and reminisced on the good times. The times when all he wanted was to be around her, spoiling her rotten. He evenRead More >


It just comes to a point in life when all you can see when you look back is an ignorant version of you. From failed decisions, fake friends, annoying relatives,Read More >

Passion of hope

Some of us were never brought up, we grew. “Hauwezi kua kama Mwangi wa church? (Can’t you be like Mwangi from church?)”, were the words most of us grew hearing.Read More >

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Beauty and the beast.



Finally, the gangster diva has been laid to rest. Clea Adi Vybz popularly known her official name, Claire Njoki Kibia. A beauty that has gone to waste at such a tender age. She had mastered the art of the gun and had perfectly hit the headlines. Her death celebrated by those who have been in the hands of an armed robber. We can attest that she has now rested in peace after the many theories behind her resurrection and nursing injuries in South Africa. I feel the pain of a parent who had so much hopes on her daughter only for them to be brought down by a bullet. At her teenage, barely 18years old. The Big question remains, why and how did she choose crime? Who forgot his/her responsibility?

It pains me to understand that this would have been a life that chose greatness. The girl in question was a mother and a wife to a man who is allegedly feared to be worse. Claire a product of crime. A feared weapon at 17. Who was conversant with armory. Daring and short lived testimony that you live by the bullet, you die by the bullet. Her guts overwhelmingly feared. Having called for the battle herself which led her to the narrow feet down there. Ukishindana na ndovu, utapasuka msamba. Her daring the man ‘hessy’ to meet for a battle. Having been warned and asked to surrender to the authorities. Her days were too short. A teenage mother who has left a son behind. The family claims that Claire was neither married nor did she have any child. Words that I cannot attest to be true or false. I lack understanding of how you have a social life surrounded by thousands only to be laid to rest by your family. It would really hurt that the audience I entertained while I was alive none paid me tribute on my last day. A tent erected to only host 50, no life story was read, yet bloggers like I have a lot to tell. I’m still left in shock. Her beauty would sincerely have made a fashionista, appear on billboards. Am pissed. As many continue to follow the same track of death. Lessons have not yet been immersed into our thick brains. That crime never pays. The pictures that have been circulating on social media of youths sprawled in pools of blood, disturbing. A life led by greed, lust and crime. A lady who has been involved in a love triangle. Mwanii and Collo the alleged lovers of the underage. Only if the soils would talk. The saga of the triangle mysteriously became the Bermuda, collo found in a quarry, dead. This remains a theory. Finally, Collo and Clea meet in hell. The alleged husband still at large. Let the dead bury the dead. From Waga hajj of the Eastleigh killings to kisogoo of  kayole and  now clea adi  vybz  the list is endless. All teenagers who have led the way.

A life wasted at 17, hit the headlines. Rest In Peace.

All hail the queen: Nothing but pity for this one!

she for he 7She turned to the one she loved most and reminisced on the good times. The times when all he wanted was to be around her, spoiling her rotten. He even sacrificed his pals’ invitations to parties and road trips if the ladies were not invited just to be with the one he loved. You could have thought of that to be the heaven sent bond that we always refer to while visualizing relationships.

The reason heaven was termed as that was to bring in the existence of hell. This lady now had experienced both sides. We say people don’t change, it’s the mask that falls off. This one fell off so soon. Why would you not just let her be rather than letting her regret? All that comes with the monster called love. Don’t get me wrong, I really value the bond but I don’t think half of the world we live in currently knows the meaning of it.

But can we blame him really? All this while, they were just used to eating in restaurants. I think that is what we refer to as dates nowadays? Yes! I know your question and I already answered it. They were eventful to an extent that they accommodated each other impeccably when house chores were involved. They couldn’t handle it so they called on other people to help. When it came to doing laundry there was a ‘mama wa nguo’, who did all that pertains home cleanliness. When it was stomach matters there was a fast food joint or even a reserved table for two at the luscious restaurants.

How could he have known all these was helping a ‘lady’ escape her greatest nightmare? She could not cook but yet could tell what spice was missing from a delicacy. That is how sure his one and only love was heaven sent. She could not do laundry neither and polishing shoes for her was a shoe shiner’s job. Do you think there is somewhere our parents went wrong? If your answer is no, then you perfectly know your responsibility. If your answer is positive however, then you are the same people who blame our able teachers and lecturers for your failure. Aren’t there people in the same class excelling beyond believe? So, where were you when the lecturer was teaching? Where were you when revision was the order of the day?

Back to you now, where were you when your siblings were perfecting their skills? Wait, or is it all of you who can’t do anything useful? If that is the case then, there must be a problem with all of you. I’m sure you have friends around you who can cook or even do laundry. Are you giving an excuse of being the only child? Spare yourself the pity. Is it a crime to ask for help in learning how to do something? Now it is time to move in with the one you call hubby and all you got to offer is an opinion. Our parents have had their share of chores ever since, so having house helps now just aid them relax from the daily routine which involves working themselves off for you and the entire family.

It was now time for her to have a taste of what it felt like to be in a relationship/marriage. Just after her moving in, the responsibilities that came with that did not dawn on her yet. It was evening and she had not gone to work that day. She still had not thought about what to cook neither had she bought the essentials. What were they anyway? It was already 9pm and she was still following on the latest trends that surfaced with watching keeping up with the Kardashians. Hubby walked in and all he wanted was a hot shower and a meal to sort out his empty stomach. She didn’t even realize that she was best placed to do that because common sense dictates. She laid on her hip facing the big screen and pointing the remote at the screen to check what the next program was.

she for he 5

“Hi babe?” she asked, “I’ve been waiting for you. I’m so hungry”, she continued. The hubby was disappointed but didn’t show it. ‘How the hell has she not cooked?’ he thought to himself. To avoid arguing he just walked to the bedroom and ignoring the fact that the bed had not been spread, he took a shower.  He later joined her in the living room perturbed by what seemed like a nightmare. The mother to his unborn children was still on the couch. “What’s for dinner honey?” he asked as he waited for a hopeful reply but got a shocker for an answer. “Babe I was waiting for you to finish freshening up so that we can go buy dinner”, she replied. He asked what was required for him to just go get at the shop next to where they lived and what followed made him realize that there were some caution he ought to have taken before taking her in. “What food do they sell there? Are they as hygienic?” she stupidly asked. The guy just thought she was tired from what he wasn’t sure caused it and told her he will cook. She seemed not even moved by that.

He went and bought the essentials planning to prepare a simple meal which included ugali and eggs. I know most of you are familiar to this meal. When he came back and asked his ‘special’ one whether she would join, she replied on the negative. He walked past the living room towards the kitchen. On switching on the light, he was met by what seemed like an unplanned auction. Dishes were everywhere and to make matters worse, they were dirty. “Babe by the way you forgot to call Mama Jane to do the dishes,” she shouted from across the living room. He couldn’t tell whether he heard right or it was the neighbor’s wife. He walked towards her and asked why she just couldn’t do the dishes and her nails were her main worry. That is when he was sure there was a mistake between the woman he met and the woman who moved in. Or did he assume everything? Was he busy to notice the nitty gritty?

she for he 6

Did I mention that, that day just passed like a normal one after the nail escapade? He cleaned the dishes and cooked. I know you’re already tired as I am. Now came the next day which was on a Saturday and they were both home. An uncle to the hubby visited at around 11am and because the guy had cooked some tea in the morning, the only simple task remaining was to serve the in-law. The lady did the unimaginable. She served the tea from the kitchen and even put two teaspoons of sugar. She took the tea to the uncle. “Hope you did not put sugar in that?” he asked. The hubby had already smelt what we used to term as a rat from our composition days. “That one is mine uncle,” he saved her from her misery. The lady then served another cup from the kitchen and brought to the uncle. The hubby was pissed but seems he had been performing arts in his early days. He covered it up so well. I could have awarded him a best actor medal at the time.

It now was approaching lunch time and as courtesy dictates, it’s only normal to include a visitor for a meal even if you’re not sure of whether he/she will be around by the time food is ready. For this particular uncle, his favorite meal was rice and green grams (ndengu). So the hubby came and told the wife and she was reluctant at first on the request. There was green grams in the house and rice so she just needed to go buy the necessities that were involved in the preparation. After a short while, she was back and started preparation. I don’t know whether I’m wrong but I don’t see how you mix carrots, onions, tomatoes and coriander all at once. But wait, I’m no chef so as we say maybe, there are many ways of killing a rat. Haha but this next way is not among them I can bet on that, after a few minutes of frying all that, as if that was not enough, she pours in the green grams from the package. No! You don’t do that to someone who has had too much patience with you. There was a mess in the kitchen and the lady called out to the only saviour she knew.

she for he 9

Her hubby came as fast thinking maybe the gas needed to be changed. Alas! The pan was perfectly burnt and black as the grams gave some sort of dismissing smell. The hubby at this point did not want an additional embarrassment to the tea incident and just gave the wife some cash to go buy rice and green grams for three in a fast food joint and hurry. When she came back, the hubby walked from the living room where they were catching up with the uncle and came to make sure she did not serve them with the dishes used to pack the food. He transferred the food to the plates and left the wife to come serve them.

Since she was best suited for serving compared to any other chore, she did just that and they enjoyed the meal as the uncle praised her for the unsuspected skill. Later that evening after the uncle left, the hubby had already taken in much. The lady was at her best spot watching E-entertainment like the star she was. She never even cleared her mess in the kitchen. The hubby walked in the living room with packed suitcases and told the lady to leave. She acted like she was shocked but for a blonde, it is expected. “What’s the matter babe?” she asked. “Come back after you know what is required of you as a lady of the house!” he authoritatively remarked and walked away.

she for he 8

There goes the chronicles of what we are dealing with or better yet, what men are dealing with in this age and era. Can we blame them for being cold when this is a portion of what they deal with in their day to day living? I just pity a generation already growing and that yet to come. As Abraham Lincoln said, “I do the best I know how best I can; and mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference.”


betrayal 3

It just comes to a point in life when all you can see when you look back is an ignorant version of you. From failed decisions, fake friends, annoying relatives, jealous colleagues and much more. Real situations expose fake people so sometimes it takes getting down on life to find who’s really down.

We all are victims of phony friendships. Those which you were seasonally attached. Who could have ever thought you and Mary would not be talking? These are few of the questions that are asked by those who envied such friendships then. The truth of the matter is, the attachment was never there. It was a matter of availability and safe play. No man is an island they say but also keep it in mind that once they stop talking to you, that’s when they start talking about you.

Haven’t you ever wondered why burials have more attendance than wedding and graduation ceremonies? Where were all those people when the person was alive? Exactly my point. This disease has no shame whatsoever. They even cry and claim of how well they knew you when you were alive and kicking. You hear them even say you called them last week and wanted to meet and have a good time. Make a mistake of asking for the call history and confirm your doubts. The last time they ever talked was when the said ‘best friend’ was claiming back his/her money.

betrayal 8

Loyalty shouldn’t be contingent on your presence it’s merely about how they act behind your back. How many can attest to having friends who would defend their name even in their absence? Anyone? Thought so. This life we live require zero naivety and the highest percentage of tolerance and bravery. Some of us are almost getting the worst of the world defending people who would not even risk giving a piece of their mind for us. As we grow up, we just realize it becomes less important to have a ton of friends, and more important to have real ones.

Back then in university, we had a crowd of ‘friends’. Those who could have not gone out without you, had fun with you missing or even attended an event in your absence. These same people claimed that they understood better with other people while revising for exams. That is when it dawned on you the type of human you were to them. The negativity that was in these crowds in your absence about you could have led to depression if you only heard a fraction of their discussion. These same people smiled with you when they saw you and swore how much they missed you. We no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. Being perfect for a friend is a crime of late, because phony friends are everywhere. The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.

Ever asked yourself why few of your real friends turned into being family yet you’re so distant from those you are linked by blood? On the real though, sometimes you have to give up on people not because you don’t care but because they don’t. Fake friends are like shadows, they follow you in the sunshine and leave you in the dark. Fake friends are around when they think you are cool but true friends are around even when they think you’re a fool.

Most of these were not your friends, just strangers with memories. We all understand life changes and we are taken to different parts of this life in terms of location and situations. What we shouldn’t understand is the change that comes with those situations. These are the same people who  you were together through thick and thin and now they want us to understand that ‘things’ changed? I’m not advocating for an hour difference call but checking up even once or twice a week is enough. Apparently I should now understand that you’re busy. With what? How idle can I get though?

betrayal 5

Come on, I don’t think we want to start with the excuses. It’s true, conversation is a two way thing but trust me, for one to be so fed up, it must have ended in a monologue. Remember, in life we have so much that we need to do and trust me you cannot survive alone. You might think or say that you will get other friends real fast and soon but if that’s your way of keeping them, you will not last for even a moment. You will end up having so many enemies, a baggage that you shouldn’t have in your life as you advance.

But they say, without fake friends, we wouldn’t know who the real ones are. Everything in life happens with a purpose and it is surely for this purpose that life lessons are taught real tough. I have come to realize that the only people I need in my life are the people who need me in theirs even when I have nothing else to offer but myself. But anyway, it is what it is.

Passion of hope


Some of us were never brought up, we grew. “Hauwezi kua kama Mwangi wa church? (Can’t you be like Mwangi from church?)”, were the words most of us grew hearing. Clearly it was obvious that our parents were not satisfied with our way of life and envied their ‘colleagues’ who had better situations with their kids.

More often than not, we experienced that moment when you were not supposed to leave the house during holidays until homework was done. The television was referred to as a stupid box and you were not supposed to have it on until they were back home. The problem with this is that it reached a time when you really needed to misbehave if I may term it as so and switched it on. The risk was forgetting to switch it early enough for it to cool off and when that moment presented itself, dad was the one who just placed his hand on that back part of the television that resembled a ‘kisogo’. The next words that followed were, “endea kiboko yako (go get your cane)”. The regrets that followed that beating could have made you contemplate on committing suicide.

I tell you, we just had some serious upbringing. Now, we have this other bunch of cool kids who I wouldn’t even want to be associated with. I do not know where I would be at this point. Maybe having several felonies on my record and disciples following my ‘religion’ and believing in my way of doing things.


Who wants to be guided on how to take care of his/her child? Every parent wants to do things their way. We are all different. Funny enough the parenting era we have now was brought up in the same communal way. Where a stranger would punish you like nobody’s business and later dare you to tell your mom. If the stranger was kind enough he/she would triumphantly give you a beating and later escort you to your parents. By this time you have tried calling on to your ancestors, god mother and angels to come rescue you. Truth be told. We grew up in the best way, but that was the 20th century.

Those were the days where people understood what it felt to be left out by your siblings. Those who were naughty found themselves in three world wars. One was from the neighbour who caught you misbehaving and devoured on you instantly. S/he would later drop by your home in the evening where the world war 2 followed by a cold war from your mom. The cold war was the order of the week. The few who their dads worked in the city were not lucky. On weekends one was double sure that world war three was coming and this made one very uncomfortable. You’d receive a beating, later miss supper that night which was chapatti and meat. This was bitter. The next morning you’d watch your siblings work thoroughly on the big mafuko bread. This was hurting.

Our delicate kids cannot be treated that way. They’ll hire a lawyer and dare you to meet in court. Hawa watoto hawapendi ujinga (no nonsense kids). They’ll embarrass you. Parents don’t want the latter! So the parents will end up doing all that the kid demands. Does this really help? Yes, but at that particular moment. What follows will haunt you forever. You have now made yourself a slave. Why? Your child is in control. You can’t raise a hand at him/her. S/he will boldly say “I hate you” on your face. Words that will ruin your day. So you end up bringing your ego down, like arsenal, feel the pain of losing. These kids are smart. Smarter than we were. That’s why they’ll download a game on your phone and you are left amazed, how did you do that? They’ll terrorize your ego badly. When you get back to your senses you have done all that your little chap wanted. CONGRATULATIONS! You failed! if you have such a daughter/son who controls you at your level, somethings should change. You weren’t brought up that way! Is spanking their butts the remedy? Once in a while. This delicate and complicated beings need some special treatment. Sadly, the more you spank them, the more they become defiant. When you notice some behavior creeping in, respond by making your rules clear. Take some time to discuss and discourage the behaviour. Let them suggest a way forward on the punishment that is fit for them if the mistake is repeated. If they repeat the mistake, of which you are assured of that, you can sought the strategies you formulated together. Ask the kid on what you agreed and do the necessary.


I have been a witness of a ‘spoilt’ kid where the kid even has the guts to throw a blow at the mother. What! Could we have even had time in our days to think of such? But how? When you well knew that your mum could read your mind and words like, “usitake kufanya chenye unafikiria juu utalala njaa (Don’t do what you’re thinking because you’ll sleep hungry)” followed.  Spare the rod and spoil the child is a saying that really holds so much. Why do you think we have people who beat up others? Youths who exchange words with older folks? Of course this is as a result of the generation of parents who would do anything for their kids even though they are in trouble. What even happened to the simplest shed of courtesy? I pity a near future where we shall all reap what we sow now.

Truth be told, we all do not want to fall victim of a forsaken generation, but we are doing nothing in our capacity to help or assist in the upbringing of this generation. From high school strikes, to burnt schools, to conducted under age parties and many more examples, we can as well see what we are destined to fight against or eradicate. We all have to unite and decide that no matter how bad it is or hard it gets, we know we can and we believe we will. I leave you with the wise words of Nobel winner Wangari Maathai, “In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now.”

Appetites of misery

I fail to understand, sympathy is the order of the day, get lost, leave us worried and just like the messiah, resurrect on the third day. Who does that? Well, it’s now the time where we measure stupidity strength if I may call it so.

 Where did we go wrong? Is it in our upbringing, understanding, maturity or is it that we are too ignorant for life? Things are not right. So after the doctor’s advice on her health, she decides to stand and vie for a gubernatorial seat, the sagas notwithstanding. It’s a tough battle in Kirinyaga. Where the only development is a Facebook account and propaganda. Here we are again, the hot seat might be hotter for the next five years. “Hiyo kiti si ya nyanya yenu (that’s not your grandmother’s seat)”, our ‘honourable’ leaders exchanged words. I now can confirm our sobriety stands on an imbalanced scale. We are not drunk but our hands decide for us, our brains are tired to weigh intellects. They are cunning. Hiring goons to disrupt our peace. My hands are too naive, I sincerely know that this 50 shillings note won’t feed me for the next five years. But this note will make me turn against my neighbours. Now that the jubilee nominations are hitting the headlines, so what? Who even declared Jubilee a winning team? Truth be told, the highest number of supporters are in jubilee and that said, gambling on votes through an opposition strategy would be the greatest mistake. Talking of a great mistake, could it have caused the politician, who was nominated as an MP under ODM but quit the party to join jubilee (Isaac Mwaura) an attack on his left ear on the Tuesday, April 18 2017? An attack! That was my reaction when I heard about Isaac Mwaura’s ordeal. Wait a minute, how do leaders even attack each other if the wellness of the common mwananchi is at heart? Make me understand how the choice of the people is just not acceptable to the few goons who, all they can offer is pure cowardice and a display of the highest level of illiteracy. How on earth does a nomination campaign cause so much panic when we have barely three months to the main meal? Last I checked, it was argued that indeed our western family was the cause of chaos and a disorganized crowd. Alas! Who was there during the attack? Did I get my facts right? Was it not a jubilee gathering? Given a chance I would sue all those in attendance excluding no one. Who really accepts to be used to cause trouble when all that strength can be used for something productive like preaching peace and showing love to all races, religions and tribes? Anyway, who I’m I to judge? I would also support my choice come rain or sunshine. In fact, I would go to the extent of hurting whoever doesn’t want my choice of leadership in office. Don’t you know how I would benefit from that? He/she will obviously build me a mansion, employ every member of my family, pay my entertainment allowance and so forth. Look at you!  You think so? For what? Of course not!

politics 2.PNG

Hypothetically, place yourself in an attack and luckily enough out of your stupidity, get your leg hurt. Unlike Isaac Mwaura, you of course won’t be rushed to Nairobi Hospital but maybe a public dispensary. In fact, they all fly to South Africa for treatment. Our able doctors cannot save them. The last time that dispensary received a distribution of the necessities was last campaigns and you can’t even get the basic painkillers. Crazy, right? You then of course don’t get discharged because in the first place, you weren’t admitted. But where do you expect to be admitted to? The leader you were fighting for and succumbed to injuries has not had time to construct hospitals or dispensaries for the last 4 years because they have been going for vacations in the name of a meeting of the county assembly to discuss the way forward. They even traveled to look for meals they’d take, oh these appetites. Ok I’m no perfect human but my attendance to the Kenyan system of a forced syllabus at least chucked the naivety and stupidity to a point where I can now reason and tell myself it isn’t worth it. I might get emotional on all this madness and I have important things to focus on like arsenal’s failed journey. Hahah don’t throw your gadgets at me but anyway on the real though, let me leave it at that and urge you to be prudent in your decision-making. Always ask yourself, is it worth it? What I’m I benefiting with after all this? And the thoughtful answer will always make this country a better place. Adios…


Growing up was one of the greatest milestone that everyone really wanted to achieve. We are all born wannabes. We all close our eyes to the negative steps in life. Widely open our arms to embrace wealt, success, financial stability and an appreciative social class. Our preferences, choices and steps in life will distinguish who we are today. Some chose to sit, patiently and wait for ‘manna’ others seated with their cups of water, for the messiah to change it into wine. Sadly. We all had wings when we were young, literally, we all chose to fly when we were young, in our dreams precisely. When we grew up and we had to make decisions others folded their wings and they were left to watch the prowess of the others as they fly. Their egos and pride were left in critical condition. Don’t blame your poor background for your fate right now. Don’t blame your unsupportive parents for your mild steps at the moment.  Everyone has a ‘lame’ excuse in life. Excuses that hold us hostage in our cocoons. When will we grow? When will we learn to open up our wings?


Our wings are held up by some little shit that you don’t want to let go. Truth be told, your friends top the list.


It would really be hard for you to take that as a fact. The shit you tolerate from them is way too strong to fold your wings. If your friends will never support you at whatever situation you want to deep yourself in. Guide you through the pros and cons of your next steps. At the end if the day your big worry is “will they really be there if my plan fails?” YOU ARE DOOMED! Not that am the disgrace that writes to kill your eternity sworn friendships. Sincerely, if your friends are not there in between the month and miraculously resurface at the end of the month. Please run for your life, the devil is dancing BazoKizo on your financial status. Should Read More >